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My last post stated a website to look at xyngular supplements.  The correct address is

www.xyngular.com/dschwartz    Sorry if anyone got misdirected



Hello Everyone:

I wanted to inform everyone who has used my clinic that several exciting things are in the works.

I have renamed my website to www.gorgefamilyhealth.com to be uniform with the clinic name. I have added a blog that can be accessed right from the front or back pages of the site. I will be posting new research and interesting medical facts at least twice per week.

I have become an independant distributor for the Xyngular company. I did this because of all the great success stories that I have seen and read about. I will not get in to the details of each product but to put it simply, it is a line of natural botanical and nutritional supplement formulas for general health, energy and weight loss. The results of this program are based on two main factors. The first is that the formulations are user friendly, scientifically calculated for effect and extremely fast acting. Secondly, the company has instituted a strict policy of constant communication and support between the Xyngular team and the client. Because of the strict formulation and the team approach for support, the success rate of individuals attaining their personal goals are almost always met and usually much faster than even I would have expected.

I have instituted a special liason for all of my patients that will be utilizing the benefits of Xyngular. Her name is Amy Tausend, a representative with time and knowledge of the product line. She will be coordinating with me about any product or program that anyone of you are interested in and can be reached at 541.490.1167(cell/text). You can also find information at www.xyngular.com/dschwartz.com

Lastly I will be starting a weekly private email newsletter for anyone that comes to the clinic and gives me an email address. It will expand on information from the blog and website and inform you about special interest topics that you want to hear about. The clinic email is gorgefamilyhealth@gmail.com so if you have not heard from me, check your spam.

Have a healthy and happy summer,

Dr. Rob Schwartz



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